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Bespoke Jewellery

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Custom Made

Our bespoke jewellery, exquisitely crafted to the highest standard, is conceived and refined in consultation with our clients. A custom piece gives you the chance to be involved in designing a piece that is perfect for you, or for someone special. It may be a unique diamond engagement ring and wedding bands, a statement necklace or remodelling of an existing piece. The possibilities are endless!

The five Steps to Creating Your Custom Piece.

 Step 1 – Getting to know you

This is where we spend some getting know you and what you would like to achieve with jewellery. Is it a marriage proposal? A piece to celebrate a special occasion or something to celebrate the memory of a loved one? We listen carefully, ensuring we understand what your jewellery goals are.

Step 2 – Jewellery Design

Once we have an understanding of what your jewellery goals are and your budget, we discuss your design ideas that you wish to be incorporated. If you are unsure, we suggest a few ideas to get the design ball rolling.

Step 3 – Selection of Gemstones & Metals

During this step we guide you through a variety of gemstone options that will achieve the effect your desiring. With our technical expertise we can recommend which metals (Gold, Platinum or Silver) best suit the wearer and complement the gemstone choice. 

Step 4 – Presentation of Design

After your design ideas and gemstone/metal choices have been established, we present to you a rendered image of the design for your approval.  This is an exciting step as you get to see your design ideas on paper before your piece is crafted.

Step 5 – Crafting of Your Piece

This is where your vision for a beautiful piece of jewellery starts to materialise! Maurice ensures each aspect of the manufacturing process is completed to the highest standards and that your piece is made to last more than a lifetime.


Quality Assured

As a Member of The Gold & Silversmiths Guild of Australia we are required to abide by a set of standards in jewellery manufacture. Our pursuit of excellence ensures that every piece has been crafted and stone set to a high standard. Traditional goldsmithing skills are used in conjunction with advanced manufacturing technologies to create jewellery that lasts more than a lifetime. Each items has been designed and crafted with skill and intention.

Experience the exciting process of collaborating on your own unique design and having your vision realised in precious metal and gemstones.  

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