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Designed with heart,
crafted with soul

Who we are & what makes us special

About Us

Welcome to Metal & Stone Jewellers, a family-run business passionately operated by husband and wife team, Maurice and Sonya Lorenz. We specialise in creating beautiful pieces of jewellery that hold a special story and are designed to last for generations.

Our Story
At Metal & Stone Jewellers, our journey began with a shared love for crafting exquisite jewellery. Maurice, a master jeweller, and Sonya, a gem enthusiast, combined their expertise to create a business that values quality, craftsmanship, and personalisation.

Our Mission
We believe that jewellery is more than just an accessory – it’s a piece of art that tells a story. Whether it’s commemorating a milestone, celebrating a special occasion, or honouring the memory of a loved one, we are dedicated to crafting pieces that are as unique as the individuals who wear them.

Our Craftsmanship
Maurice and Sonya bring a blend of traditional goldsmithing skills and modern techniques to every piece they create. From selecting the finest gemstones to ensuring meticulous stone settings, every detail is handled with precision and care. As a member of The Gold & Silversmiths Guild of Australia, we adhere to the highest standards in jewellery manufacture.

Why Choose Us?
Personalised Service: We work closely with each client to understand their vision and bring it to life.
Exceptional Quality: Our jewellery is crafted to the highest standards, ensuring durability and timeless beauty.
Family Values: As a family-run business, we prioritise trust, integrity, and a personal touch in everything we do.

At Metal & Stone Jewellers, we are honoured to be a part of your special moments. Visit us to discover jewellery that is not only beautiful but also meaningful, crafted with love and expertise.

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Goldsmith & Diamond Setter

Born in Adelaide, Maurice Lorenz began his journey into the world of jewellery in 1981. He apprenticed under the expert guidance of his German-born father, Manfred Lorenz, a Master Jeweller and one of the founding members of the Goldsmith’s Guild of South Australia. From his father, Maurice learned traditional goldsmithing techniques, skills he continues to utilise and perfect to this day.

Maurice also specialises in Optical Diamond Setting, a precise and intricate craft. He had the privilege of refining his skills in Antwerp, Belgium, under the tutelage of Alexandre Sidorov, a world-renowned master of Diamond Setting. It was in this diamond capital that Maurice honed his expertise in the European standard of stone setting, elevating his craftsmanship to an international level.

Committed to continuous professional development, Maurice integrates advanced techniques to enhance the quality of his work. As a Full Member of the Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia, he upholds the highest standards in jewellery manufacture.

Maurice finds great satisfaction in listening to people’s stories and translating those special memories into wearable pieces of art. His passion for creating meaningful jewellery ensures that each piece is not only beautifully crafted but also deeply personal and enduring.


Gem Hunter & Jewellery Professional

Sonya Lorenz, originally from Wollongong, NSW, began her journey into the world of jewellery when she moved to Coober Pedy to start her married life with Maurice. It was in the opal capital of the world that Sonya discovered her passion for Australia’s national gemstone and the art of jewellery making.

With a background in Modern Languages Teaching, Sonya transitioned seamlessly into the jewellery industry, driven by her love for gemstones and intricate designs. A true gem hunter at heart, she delights in sourcing the most beautiful gemstones from around the world. Her extensive travels and dedication to gemmology allow her to bring a diverse and exquisite collection of stones to our Strathalbyn atelier.

As a GIA Certified Jewellery Professional, Sonya takes great pleasure in providing personalised jewellery consultations. She enjoys expanding her knowledge of gemmology and sharing her expertise with our customers, helping them realise their vision for beautiful, custom-made jewellery. Her keen eye for detail and deep understanding of gemstones ensure that each piece she helps create is not only stunning but also unique and meaningful.